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Dining Calendar – Florence Fabricant

On the Trail of Chocolate – February 8, 2011

Diner’s Journal

Weekend Fare – January 21, 2011

Dining Calendar – Florence Fabricant

Walking to Fight Hunger – January 18, 2011

Cupcake Crawl

Weekend Miser – November, 2010


Spring Walking Tours – Barbecue Ribs & Brewery

Sample some of Manhattan’s best BBQ and beer in Chelsea on this food-focused tour. Walkers will dine on delicious treats courtesy of RUB BBQ, whose dry-rubbed St. Louis–style ribs come highly recommended by Walking Tours Manhattan founder Bruce Scher. The group will tote its smoked goodies to the High Line for an alfresco lunch, followed by a tour of Chelsea Brewing Company, Manhattan’s only active brewery. You’ll learn how beer is made and then taste a half dozen varieties, including the hoppy Checker Cab Blonde Ale. For reservations and meeting place, call 917-842-4319 or visit Sat 2pm, $43; through Aug 28.
Or try…Nosh on pies from Lombardi’s, Artichoke and more on Scher’s Little Italy/East Village Pizza Tour(; Mon, Wed, Fri 5pm; $33. Through Aug 30). April. 10


Walking Tours Manhattan

Launching a monthly tour focused on New York desserts, Walking Tours Manhattan will lead participants through the West Village to sample hand-made chocolates, gelatos, and cupcakes. Tour will begin at Magnolia Bakery, making stops at L’Arte Del Gelato and Jacques Torres Chocolate. Dec. 08


Walking Tours Manhattan

Walking Tours Manhattan is launching a new monthly tour focused on fabulous NYC desserts. For its inaugural event, participants will head to the West Village to discover hand-made chocolates, gelatos and cupcakes. Jan. 09


Own This City

Stuff your face with goodies from the Cupcake Café, Little Pie Company, La Maison du Chocolat and Magnolia Bakery (yum yum yum) on this walking tour through the Times Square area. A contribution of $5 is suggested, with proceeds benefiting Food Bank NYC. May 09


Sweet News

If you want to consume a lot of sweets while simultaneously burning off the calories, do I have an event for you! Bruce Scher of Walking Tours Manhattan will be leading a “Free NYC Dessert Fest” chocolate/gelato/cupcake tour in the West Village. The tour will last 2 hours, but the sweet memories will last a lot longer. Nov. 08


Manhattan’s Sweetest Walking Tour

This tour is for serious dessert lovers. You get to visit 5 of the sweetest bakeries, each offering a plethora of cupcakes, pastries, donuts and assorted sugar fixes. Amazingly virtually everyone of the approximately 30 people on the tour looked like they were in pretty good shape and all really enjoyed this marathon of sweets. Jul. 09


Walking Tours Manhattan

What: June’s installment of this monthly walking tour will take place in Chelsea, where participants will be guided to the best the ‘hood has to offer, with such possibilities as coconut cupcakes and old-fashioned doughnuts. The asterisk above is just a caveat that in order to take part, the organizers kindly request a minimum $5 donation to the New York Food Bank (but come on, as a food-lover, this has got to be a cause you can get behind). See here for payment information. When: Sunday, June 7, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Where: Meet the tour guide outside Billy’s Bakery at 184 9th Ave. July 09


Dessert Walking Tour

Editor’s Pick. We’ll explore Union Square which has 5 delicious dessert makers. A small Parisian bakery offers the freshest macaroons, followed by a dense Belgian brownie, our third stop has a totally original pretzel croissant, next up are gourmet chocolates, and our last course is home-made gelato. July 09


Find NYC’S Best Treats and Walk Them Off

We’re pretty excited about Free NYC Dessert Fest, a once-monthly walking tour of New York’s best dessert destinations. Each tour explores one iconic NYC neighborhood, soaking in the sites and hitting up all the area’s best sweet spots. The walking tour, which covers a mile, is free, aside from paying for whatever treats you pick up and asking that you donate to a non-profit that helps feed hungry New Yorkers. So you can give in to your dessert cravings, get some exercise and soothe your conscience! Sounds like a sweet deal. Jan. 09


Get Desserted in New York

No it’s not a typo. Walking Tours Manhattan has dessert-themed walking tours. They guide you around, feed you, and walk you. It’s like you’re their dog their sweet-toothed dog. It’s called Free NYC Dessert Fest. And it is indeed free! They request a donation, and the purchase of any desserts is additional, but all you have to do to participate is show up. This is a great way to trek throughout the city and get sweetened up along the way! Their regular walking tours are just $20. Feb. 09


Walking Tours Manhattan

Experience Manhattan’s sweet side on Bruce’s walking tours of various Manhattan neighborhoods. Tours include stops at 3-5 spots offering top-notch sweets (cost of desserts is not included in the tour). Most tours are $20, but Bruce also has some half-priced tours, as well as free tours to benefit Food Bank of NYC ($5 suggested donation). June 09


Walking Tours Manhattan

Monthly voyages through some of the city’s culinary gems. Today, a tour guide (with the red ball cap saying Walking Tours Manhattan) will be waiting for you outside the Apollo Theater (253 West 125th Street) at 11AM. The tour will take you to Sylvia’s Soul Food Restaurant, Lee Lee’s, and Make My Cake. The tour lasts 2 hours, and desserts must be purchased by attendees. Mar. 09


Walking Tours Manhattan

Free walking tours based around desserts? Yes, go on and raise an eyebrow. But it’s true. OK, maybe there is a request of a $5 donation to help the NYC Food Bank, which is a totally worthwhile cause, but getting the inside scoop on the most delicious desserts in NYC are hardly a thing to whimper about $5 over. Every penny goes to the Food Bank, so you can feel good while eating even better. This Sunday, July 26th, and one Sunday a month for every month as far as the brain can reach, meet your red-capped tour guide from Walking Tours Manhattan at Madeleine Patisserie for a 5 stop walking tour of delectable delights around the city. The first stop is a small Parisian bakery known for having the freshest macaroons, followed by a dense Belgian brownie, then a totally original pretzel croissant, followed by gourmet chocolates, and finished off with home-made gelato. Sounds like a drooling good time to me! July 09<–>